Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10

Just because:

Gay College Boyfriends Come Out
To Their Football & Baseball Teams

Last week Conner Mertens, a football player at Willamette University (Washington State) became the first active college football player to come out to the public as gay (via OutSports). This week his boyfriend, Chandler Whitney (right), a baseball player at Walla Walla Community College (eastern Washington State) also came out of the closet. Chandler said that the positive reaction to Conner’s story strengthened his courage and calmed him down. Chandler and Conner had spent most of winter break with each other. During the first practices of the new year, when Chandler stood up before his team and announced that he was gay, the team broke out into spontaneous applause.

"I didn't necessarily expect hostility, but I expected a guy or two to feel uncomfortable or awkward. Everyone on the team shook my hand, gave me a hug and said we're a family and they had my back. The guys I thought would feel the most uncomfortable said don't worry about a thing, it's not a big deal," said Whitney.

Chandler's boyfriend, place kicker Conner Mertens.

...with a side of towel boys:

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