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November 3

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Gay West Point Graduates Are
First Men to Marry on Campus

Larry Choate III (27, class of 2009) and Daniel Lennox (28, class of 2007) married Saturday afternoon, November 2, in the Cadet Chapel of the United States Military Academy. They are the first gay men to marry at West Point, which was founded in 1802 by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

The couple has decided to hyphenate their surname to Lennox-Choate. Both West Point graduates are now out of the Army. Lennox is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration at Harvard, and Choate, who works at Harvard’s busuness school, has applied to the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Choate, who had taught Sunday School at the storied Gothic Cadet Chapel, did not know Lennox while they were cadets. They met later through friends and became engaged in March of this year, soon after Lennox's return from a year-long deployment in Afghanistan.

Trivia: Although the couple wore tuxedos, many of their guests appeared in uniform.

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