Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20

Beach boys:

Jockstrap fantasy:

Beach Rats 

A film about a Brooklyn teenager’s exploration of his sexual identity. 

This cinematic expression of repressed homosexuality made a big splash at the January Sundance Film Festival.

In a review from Variety, Guy Lodge writes:
Film maker Eliza Hittman has found the perfect English newcomer in casting ...“Harris Dickinson, whose perfectly lazy outer NYC drawl and hunched dude-bro swagger banish all thoughts of his London drama-school pedigree. His Frankie is at once maddeningly impenetrable and desperately vulnerable, snarling some responses and mumbling others as if in apology for his very existence; it’s a performance that nails typical teenage switchbacks and insecurities with an active, unshakable terror over who he might turn out to be.”

Well, all that off towards one side, my friends who saw it in NYC last weekend hated it. Salivating after seeing the shirtless screen shots, they still could not garner any enthusiasm for the film, because they could find no empathy for the lead character, played by Dickinson. They said the character is irredeemably despicable. Sad, but here's a friendly photo of 19-year-old star Harris Dickinson:

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