Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January 24

Seeing red:

Locker room lads:

Gotta love those away games:
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Sweet feet:

Politics! The latest reality show!

From your blogger:
I live in the Washington DC metropolitan area (northern Virginia), so it’s harder to escape politics than
in other parts of the country. I am an independent voter – not a member of any political party. Over the years I’ve voted both Democrat and Republican, always after meticulous scrutiny of the candidates and their platforms. And I've always respected 
those who see politics in a different light.

But I was born with intelligence. This is the first instance in my lifetime that I’ve been asked to give that up, thanks to Mr. Spicer and Ms. Conway. So I’m ripping the duct tape off my mouth to get a couple of things off my chest, and here we go.

Note to Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway:
Yes, there are facts. And there is reality. 

Just not in the sideshow of this Trump presidency.
We’re thankful that you’ve given us another chance to digest an “alternative” fact, because our initial understanding of reports about the inauguration attendance offered up by photographic evidence was obviously wrong and ignorant.
Thanks for helping us see what you want us to see!

 Millions cheer as Mike Pence greets adoring crowds 

along the inauguration parade route!

Thanks to your “alternative facts” initiative, we now know that this picture was obviously photo-shopped.

And a note to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer:

Your boss will be out of office in four to eight years,
but your lack of integrity will hound you the rest of your life.
 You have become a laughing stock within the first 48 hours
on the job. You walk up to the podium and spew forth
lies your boss tells you to utter. Worse -- you know it's lies.
Then you storm away, refusing to take any questions.
A man with more integrity would quit
before being forcibly humiliated before the public.
But a man of integrity -- that's not you, is it?

Then, at your first official briefing, you stated:
"It is never our intention to lie to you."
Simultaneously you refused to walk back your previous statement
that Trump's inauguration was
"the most watched ever, both in person and around the globe,

Huh? It must be my intelligence rearing its ugly head again.
The reality is that many more people showed up Saturday
to protest Trump's election
than the number of supporters who attended 
the inauguration the day before.
No wonder your boss man boasted of a base of support
from "uneducated" middle class men.
He said he "liked" uneducated men.
Perhaps because they're more easily mind controlled.
More gullible, too

My friends in Germany say that
all of Europe is aghast.
I hope my fellow Americans are, too.
This can't be real.
Except that it is.


  1. Terry, Thank you for speaking out. Lets get this man impeached, the sooner the better. but the problem with that is then Pence is President and he is even worse.
    BTW, Did you know that only 27% of the register voters voter for Trump, The rest just failed to vote, Shame on the American public.

  2. I'm appalled at many of Trump's actions too. Of the seven Executive Orders he has signed so far, at least six will unquestionably leave the country worse off. And the lies about the crowds at his inauguration are just bizarre. He has kept a promise from m his inaugural speech though. He promised never to disappoint us, and since I only expected him to do bad and/or stupid things, he hasn't disappointed me since I had no hope for him to begin with...

    On a better note, some very nice pictures recently. I especially like the Air Force guy and the two businessmen (4th pic) on this post, and the lads in plaid and men in shorts pics in the previous one.

    Best, John