Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9

Spelling dilemma: blond or blonde?

A reader questioned my spelling of “blond” – one of my sidebar categories. Well, as a former newspaper editor, I can relate only what I was taught back in the day. The word comes to English from French, where it has masculine and feminine forms. As an English noun, it kept those two forms; thus, a “blond” is a fair-haired male, and a “blonde” is a fair-haired female. 
For that reason alone, I use “blond” without a final “e”. 
So there you have it.

Next to godliness...

Oh, the irony!

Back in July, Dan Senor (a senior advisor to Mitt Romney in 2012) tweeted that he had once  commiserated with a Midwestern governor about how unacceptable
Donald Trump was as the GOP nominee.
That governor was Mike Pence.

Boys in shorts:

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