Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4


With a side of suspenders:

You gotta have art:

Self portrait by Alfred Bastien at the age of 16 (1889)

Alfred Bastien (1873-1955) was a Belgian artist, academic and soldier. He studied art in Ghent and Brussels, where he won the Prix Godecharle in 1897. He later enrolled in the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he was living when hostilities broke out in what would become the First World War, of which he painted many panoramas and depictions of battle scenes. Bastien was also a professor of painting until his retirement from academia in1945.

Someone needs a spanking:

America the Beautiful

Lesbian poet Katherine Bates wrote the beloved words of America the Beautiful, a poem inspired by the view from Pike's Peak. When her words were paired with the melody written by church organist Samuel Ward in 1882, it became a classic patriotic anthem. Yesterday I performed a solo jazz version written by Clare Fischer (1928-2012), famous as an arranger of songs for Michael Jackson, Celine Dion. Chaka Kahn, Prince, and Paul McCartney. Fischer's wife Donna sent me his manuscript to make the performance possible. This YouTube video of Fischer's arrangement is a performance by James Auburn (not me). Enjoy.

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