Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 19

Domestic bliss:
Cary Grant & lover Randolph Scott

With a side of frot:

Locker room confidential:

Frank Bruni

In June, 2011, New York native Frank Bruni, age 46, became the first gay op-ed columnist in the 160-year history of The New York Times. He takes on a wide variety of subjects in his writing, including gay rights, popular culture, food and politics.

Andrew M. Rosenthal, editor of the Opinion Pages said, “Frank’s column, a new anchor feature of the section, is a sharp, opinionated look at a big event of the last week, from a different or unexpected angle, or a small event that was really important but everyone seems to have missed, or something entirely different.”

Mr. Bruni has covered presidential campaigns for the paper and served as chief restaurant critic for five years. He has written about his struggles with overeating and bulimia. Frank joined The New York Times as a metropolitan reporter in August, 1995. For three and a half years he worked at the metropolitan desk and also wrote for the Sunday magazine, profiling a diverse group of characters. Mr. Bruni also wrote articles for the Sunday Arts and Leisure section and other feature sections of The Times.

Frank Bruni is the author of the NYT bestseller about George W. Bush called "Ambling into History" (2002) and co-author of "A Gospel of Shame: Children, Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church" (1993).  He has worked for the New York Post and the Detroit Free Press and has been a movie critic.

With a side of shorts...

Lament from your blogger:

I'm frustrated when trolling for new pics to post on this blog.
It seems that 99.9% of all new photography features men
with shaved chests, facial hair and lots of tattoos.
I don't mind those things, but I favor some variety.
What do you guys think?


  1. I agree with you. While all those things can be hot - the hairy chests make me appreciate the shaved ones more and vice versa; there is something to be said for treausre trails; and there are some bodies that are so flawless that tattoos are an unwanted distraction.

  2. I also am not a fan of tattoos. When I see these guys in great shape with big tattoos I wonder why they did that to themselves. I also don't like too much "manscapping". Otherwise I enjoy looking at all types of men, smooth, fuzzy and hairy. A hariy chest in particular to me is a turn on.

  3. personally I favor the clean shaven look makes a guy look hotter. Excess body hair just does not look good on a guy or gal for that matter. Garish tattoos or piercings do not cut it as well. Perhaps a thin Prince Albert or nipple pierce is ok but let's not get carried away.