Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11

Patrick Schwarzenegger
Actor and model
22-year-old eye candy

Golden pedigree: son of Arnold Schwarzenegger (former bodybuilder, actor and governor of California) and Maria Shriver (journalist and member of the Kennedy clan), grandson of Eunice Kennedy Shriver (founder of the Special Olympics and sister of JFK), and Sargent Shriver (first director of the Peace Corps and former U.S. Ambassador to France). No pressure, young man.

But imagine those inevitable family gatherings – mixing Democratic royalty (the Kennedys!) with staunch Republican power. If the walls could talk.

Young Patrick (below) is set to graduate from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California next weekend. 


Athletic pursuits:

Seeing red:

A Bentside Spinet

As my blog readers are aware, I make my living as a classical keyboardist.
Last weekend I performed keyboard suites by 17th-century English composer Henry Purcell
on a replica of an instrument made by English builder Baker Harris c. 1765.
In all my years of performing, I had never before seen a "bentside" spinet.
"Bentside" means that the keyboard is placed at a 45-degree angle to the long side,
resulting in a harpsichord that is triangular in shape.
This was a space-saving design, allowing such instruments to fit into most private homes.
In this instance the harpsichord projected a mere 30 inches out from the wall.
So now you know.


  1. Very interesting about the bentside spinet. Wish I could have heard you play the Purcell on it.

  2. ditto. thanks for sharing the photo. not quite as "titillating" as most of the other ones here but very interesting.