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April 12

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Cabaret Artist Migguel Anggelo

Venezuela-born singer Migguel Anggelo (43) and his band, The Immigrants, will be presenting their cabaret act at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in NYC on April 21. While Brooklyn-based Anggelo’s upcoming performance will be a celebration of his Latin heritage and gay life experience, it will also include a tribute to “The Sound of Music,” the musical that inspired him to be a singer. While still a young boy, he told his mother that he wanted to be able to sing “just like Julie Andrews,” and that he wanted to be one of the von Trapp kids. At the age of twelve he told his mother, a ballet dancer, that he “liked boys.” She was more understanding than most.

From a Stage Buddy article: “Migguel Anggelo will charm your pants off. Whether you listen to his albums, watch his music videos, or attend one of his shows, he is the kind of artist who makes sure each and every person gets a truly rich, unique experience. Combining elements of opera, world music, theatre and comedy, he paints a colorful musical landscape in which he often pays tribute to other artists he loves.” 

In July, Anggelo and The Immigrants will travel to Russia as a cultural envoy under the auspices of the U.S. State Department (our tax dollars put to decent use). Among other venues, they will perform at the Moscow International House of Music. I’m not making this up.

In this video, Anggelo performs a Disney ballad, “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Enjoy.

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