Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28

With a side of muscle:

Man nips:


  1. # 14
    Mr. D. you can park that item over me anytime day or night and I'll accept.

  2. Man starting with photo 12 and continuing from 24 thru 32 I love to be the one sucking up a storm on these GUYS teats and bring each one to height of manhood and climatic exceed .

  3. Bro (23) LOVE TO NURSE ON YOU FOR AHWILE and then head down for my reward of cream delight.

  4. # 5
    Man I usually order two burgers so lets just get into what's at hand and enjoy picking

  5. # 1
    Man like to blow that item and check out the plumping works

  6. # 19
    Bro sure like to kick ass with you name the places

  7. Manhood GAY TO ManhoodJanuary 17, 2016 at 10:51 AM

    # 23
    Man sure like to get wrapped up with you and explore every inch of your body from those hot lips and those suck-able tits and a course the fruit of manhood.

  8. # 14
    Man like to get wrapped up in you and soak up the aroma of man sex and its pleasures and rewards

  9. # 23
    Hey bro love to suck up on those teats and get you all fired for what ever you got to offer

  10. 26
    You look like you could use some company and some help in getting some satisfaction in the se dept.