Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11


Well-Strung Quartet

Well-Strung* is a singing string quartet of gay men based in NYC. They blend vocals and strings in a fusion of classical music and pop, offering Vivaldi, Bach and Ravel with generous sides of Pink, Britney Spears, Adele and Ke$ha. Says Chris Marchant (in tank top, above), “One of our aims is to blur the line between high and low art.” In addition to musical offerings, the quartet dishes up anecdotes about growing up gay, infusing an atmosphere of a cabaret act.

* that name is marketing genius!

Photo above, from left: Edmund Bagnell (1st violin), Trevor Wadleigh (viola), über-hunky Chris Marchant (2nd violin), and Daniel Shevlin (cello) perform all across the country and tour internationally. As evidenced by the photo below, Marchant divides his time between working out and making music.

The above photo, of course, is for educational purposes only. Below, we have a performance video, featuring a mash-up between Karl Jenkins (Palladio) and Lorde's (Royals):

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