Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blogger Update

OK, gentlemen. Since I announced a week ago that I was abandoning this blog for an indeterminate period of time, I have been inundated with more than 70 e-mail responses. Some wished me well during a respite from blogging, others complained that they would no longer have a blog to read with their morning coffee, but most were comments from readers who said they thought my blog was singular, because it offered "tasteful" erotic gay images of various categories alongside news items and bios of men who influence gay life and gay history -- fine compliments for which I am grateful. And most of these e-mails begged me to return to blogging as soon as possible.

Here's the deal. The past week has been bliss. I've had time to read books, listen to music, take a couple of long walks in the Virginia countryside (where I make my home), ride a horse (Steinway), attend a couple of concerts and see to the care of my octogenarian mother, who is in advanced stages of dementia. I was also able to spend three days with my partner, whose office relocation has led to his purchasing a home nearly three hours distant from my house.

This week has made me realize that daily blogging is behind me, because the tedium of daily posting has made me weary of a process I used to enjoy and look forward to. So from now on, I'll post when I feel like it and have something special to share. I'm guessing that this will be no more than three or four times a month. For you impatient types, there are years and years of archives to browse.

Check back in a few days for a full-length blog post. And enjoy your weekend, gentlemen.



  1. That's good news!


  2. Terry:
    I think the essence of blogging is to rely on the instinct of what is right for you.
    I have followed your blog for a couple of years and expect you to post what is right for you, not a calender.
    We all have down time, it's important to step back, learn something new, breathe fresh air, and expose your mind to new things.
    I'm grateful for everything you have ever posted. Your vision of life recharges mine.
    Take a break, come back from time to time, and share with us what you have discovered.
    Your friend,

    Salt Lake City, Utah

  3. I do love your blog. I look almost every day. While I miss the daily posts, I think you if you need more time for yourself, by all means take it. Hope to see you now and then. All the best

  4. MUCH better, especially for you... as your blog keeps you searching/finding such great (and usually hot) pics... hopefully keeping you "stimulated" but scaled back so that you actually "have a life"... and for us... we too get to be stimulated AND informed. Which by the way needs to be reiterated... Gay Influence is a very powerful blog for which I am grateful. Forgive my using anonymous, thank GAWD I'm not closeted, my privacy is important only to me, and my name here is really quite irrelevant. Kudos to your years of work/research and to celebrating men, especially men who love men. Now go and celebrate your own personal and private life!

  5. I enjoy your blog Terry, but life must not be constraining. Enjoy your own life first.
    Best regards.