Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15



Our celebrity caffeinated guest: Terry Miller

Terry Miller BEFORE coffee: 

Terry Miller AFTER coffee:

Regarding the restorative quality of coffee,
I hereby rest my case.
Dan Savage knows what I'm talking about.
Congrats to Dan & Terry on the 10th anniversary of their marriage.

With a side of swimwear:

...and a side of suspenders:

...not to mention harnessed men:

...and Terry Miller, once again.
He agreed to deck himself out in his harness
to wish all of us well at Male Tan Lines.
Your blogger is forever grateful.


  1. # 14-15
    Love to be the one checking out your equipment front and back

  2. # 19
    Nice long legs for a wrap around head lock to down a long headed cock