Friday, November 28, 2014

November 28

Revelry at Nasty Boys Saloon, Treviso, Italy
Photographer Cristiano Pinzan (just because):

With a side of towel boys:

Fancy a trip to Portugal?

You might want to plan a trip to Portugal for next June. The place you want to seek out is Amarante, east of Porto (after which port wine is named). These doces fálicos (literally phallic sweets) are sold during the town's Fiesta de São Gonçalo the first week of June, when the medieval town's main plaza is strewn with red flowers. The pastries come in various sizes, the largest being about a yard long. Saint Gonçalo purportedly has the power to find spouses for ageing lovers. During this festival a long procession of single people exchange these pastries as tokens of (hopeful) affection. No lie.

A triple dose of denim:

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