Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2

Spanked lads:

With a side of socks:

Beethoven gets worked over:

Note: Your blogger is a professional classical pianist, and quite naturally I read critical reviews of live performances and recordings. A certain blogger (whom I shall not name), was displeased with a recording of a live performance of a Beethoven piano sonata. It is uncommon to read such arresting prose in descriptions of performances of classical music:

"There is no metaphor or analogy that can illustrate what this retard did with his chosen sonata*, so I'll have to describe his performance as directly and blandly as if I were writing a police report:  He bent Beethoven over the piano's sound board and, for the next twenty minutes or so, fucked poor Ludwig in the ass."

*Beethoven Piano Sonata, Opus 22

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