Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10

With a side of wrestlers:

All-American Boy - Steve Grand

Steve Grand’s Gay-themed Country Music Video

A week ago country music singer/songwriter Steve Grand (above) posted a gay themed self-produced YouTube video that has gone viral. “All-American Boy,” produced for just $7,000 (Grand maxed out his credit cards to cover the expenses), tells the tale of a gay man who misreads signals from his straight buddy. While skinny dipping in a lake, the two men share a kiss that was apparently just good fun for the straight guy, but full of yearning and passion for the gay man, who is rebuffed.

Grand has received hundreds of comments from viewers (more than 840,000 hits in eight days) who say they relate to this tale of unrequited love, which resonates across lines of sexual orientation. Grand is a completely unknown Chicago-based performer whose only promotion had been Internet buzz, until his appearance yesterday on Good Morning America. A former model, Grand will likely not remain obscure for long. Have a look and listen.

But wait, there's more! Here's some eye candy to brighten your Wednesday - a couple of photos from Grand's modeling days.

You're welcome.

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