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April 9

Ignacio Goitia

Artist Ignacio Goitia ((b. 1968 Bilbao, Spain) is a surrealist painter who embellishes images of imposing buildings and grand, palatial interiors with startling, incongruent extras, such as nude or semi-nude men in leather fetish garb, giving his work an over-the-top homoerotic bent. Sometimes he includes images of himself, as in a painting in which he is seated on a motorcycle taking notes while admiring museum sculptures. As well, Goitia (shown above) has completed dozens of paintings featuring monumental giraffes.

Passion for Canaletto (2005):

Until last week his work was being exhibited at a gallery in Spain under the title “The Grand Tour,” capturing the spirit of visitors to Europe’s great cities and museums during the 18th and 19th centuries. This show has traveled from Brussels to Munich to Rome and will settle into the important modern art scene of Miami, FL, later this year.

Ignacio studied in Florence, London and Paris, eventually devoting himself exclusively to drawing and painting. Although Goitia divides his time between Bilbao and Miami, he has mainly exhibited his art in Paris, Miami, Madrid, Rome, Bordeaux and various other European venues. Goitia’s personal appearance evokes the cultured high-society travelers depicted in his paintings – that of an adventurous, well-bred Bohemian.


Mr. Goitia presents himself as quite the dandy:

With a side of underwear:

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