Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31

Sacrilege! Altar Boys In Training
(just because)

An alert blog reader sent me this photo for consideration. Might you think that it is more than coincidence that I am posting this on Easter Sunday? Don't even go there.

With a side of legs (the other male appendage):

Fancy a trip to Rio?

If you’ve been to Rio de Janeiro, you’ll know that every afternoon the city delivers truck loads of  volleyballs to the beaches, keeps the lights on the sand and nets all evening and then collects the balls late at night – and repeats the same task the next day. And Ipanema has what is perhaps the world’s best gay beach. The ultimate form of eye candy. Bliss. A trip to Rio should be on every gay man's bucket list.


  1. Hi Terry I'm from Brazil.

  2. N°5... quelle burne, quel gland ce mec est en peine érection...bientôt le jus