Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3

Kick back and watch the game 
with your best buds

FINAL: Ravens 34, 49ers 31  

Joe Flacco named Superbowl MVP (sigh): enjoy some sexy tan lines:

Just because:

Impressionism was invented on a rainy day 
(just because)

Male Eye Candy Lures 
Theatre-Goers to Broadway

Seth Numrich flaunted his much buffed body in a revival of Golden Boy by Clifford Odets (closed January 20). Seth played a violinist who gave up music for boxing and a glamorous lifestyle. I last mentioned Numrich when he starred in War Horse on Broadway, and I mentioned his gay film role in Private Romeo. Theater goers were all a-twitter when one of the boxers displayed full rear nudity while stepping into a shower. Aren’t you sorry you missed it?

Billy Magnussen dropped trou and displayed his rippling abs and muscular thighs in Lincoln Center’s production of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. After returning from a swim, he entered the stage clad only in a pair of boxer briefs.

Sebastian Stan is now appearing in Picnic, by gay playwright William Inge (1913-1973). Stan shows off his oiled torso (shaved chest and armpits) for nearly the entire show. His costume consists of a pair of super low-slung jeans and a belt. When he puts his shirt on, it is frequently fully unbuttoned or ripped to reveal chunks of man flesh, making him look for all the world like a porn star with attitude. Through the end of February at American Airlines Theatre.

Here’s a scene from Political Animals (USA network), a 6-episode TV miniseries (July-August 2012) in which Stan played the openly gay son of a former First Lady. Full episodes may be viewed at, and YouTube offers several steamy gay scenes from the show.

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