Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29

With a side of nips:


Spartacus – the final season 

The homosexual relationship between Agron and Nasir is the best (and perhaps only) reason to watch Spartacus, an original TV series on Starz network. This blood and gore fest is rife with simulated sex between naked or nearly naked men, between women – even a sprinkling of hetero couplings. If this is your sort of thing, tune in Friday nights at 9:00. The entire first episode of season 3 is available free at the following link. You impatient types should fast forward to the 17:34 timing mark.


Don’t have time for 50-some minutes of sword and sandals mayhem? Here’s a homoerotic tribute to previous seasons. Things heat up at the 1:02 timing mark:

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  1. Le N° 1 semble bien seul.....malheureusement, je pense qu'il est hétéro; peut-être essayer de le convertir...